Since its establishment in 1995, ACDF has been actively involved in projects tailored to meet the challenges of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Further, ACDF remains in the firm conviction that advocacy needs to be provided for the effective rule of law, civic responsibility and full implementation of good governance to support transparency and discourage corruption. Advancement and availability of quality education and training, irrespective of social class or origin has always been one of our objectives.

Every year, ACDF is involved in various projects and activities. Some are terminal while others run continuously. Individual, corporate, donor and non-profit organisations can help support ACDF and its activities. You can support our initiatives by giving to our foundation. You can fill the support form below to determine what project(s) you wish to support and what method of support.  Also, note that you can make direct monetary donations by clicking on the Donate Button at the bottom of the page.

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