For years, ACDF has invested in various research work as regards many problems militating against the development of the African society in spite of so much human and natural resource at the disposal of the continent. We have constantly disseminated our findings to various authorities for necessary action to reduce problems arising from several negative actions in order to step up development on the continent. Some of our advocacy work has identified how corruption in Africa grows unabatedly and how the immediate and remote effects affect the health of African citizens and make them more prone to diseases.

We have also constantly advocated for the promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) as the only key to reducing the effects of constant man-made disasters that befall the continent on a regular basis, including poverty that continues to resist all scientific solutions and war which has further weakened the continental power as more able bodied men are dying from the self-made ethnic and regional conflicts.

We have linked the diseases of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other similar epidemics to the endemic nature of corruption on the continent. We have reiterated severally that the only way out is the strengthening of the Rule of Law in Africa as it is done in the developed societies so as to nip negative tendencies in the bud and get people to practice positive things more than negativities. The rule of law activates human minds, increases the strength of their immune system and promotes active citizenship. It mobilizes them towards positive actions by helping them recognize their own responsibilities as citizens and position them properly well for preserving their human rights.