In the course of the ASSEFAD programme, we are recently planning, not only to help farmers achieve more tonnes per hectare of farmland, but also to liaise with processors who can turn these produce to value added products and encouraging fair-trade amongst all concerned.


Being a member of the National Anti-Corruption Coalition of the ICPC, ACDF is planning to run an interactive TV programme that discusses corruption, its consequences and the solutions. It is an enlightenment campaign for transparency to show the citizens that they can hold their leaders accountable, and that their voices do count.

ACDF Charity Shop

We have just opened a Charity Shop where the less privileged can purchase donated goods at reduced prices. This promotes the spread of national wealth and reduces crime in the society.

Run Against Poverty 2012

The event is designed as a sponsored run, family event and educational project all in one. ACDF raises awareness about the benefits of volunteerism and poverty eradication. All the proceeds will be used for various development projects.

International Development Centre

A new learning centre where our trainings (educational, vocational, etc.) will be held.