Presidential Press Release: Merry Christmas from ACDF

Dear ACDF Friends,

Thanks for liking the African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF) in the past months. I am wishing you Merry Christmas and happiness in the coming New Year 2017.

Our vision remains strong; to champion the efforts towards “building a cultured society” in Africa. This vision is important as the needs to ensure the consciousness of the African citizens continued to remain ever imperative if the black continent must take a role in development sustainability and not waiting for other continents to spoon-feed it.

Unfortunately, there are some natural consequences for indolence, that those who are stronger will always overcome those with little strength, there is no injustice in this. Those nations who continued improving their rule of laws and ensuring their citizens remained strong and active are continually growing their technologies which we in this part of the divide buy to further stress our economy, providing jobs for the citizens of those developed economy, increasing their economic stability while we deliberately destroy our own. Our weak citizens cornered our commonwealth and take to those foreign lands for themselves and their immediate families while over 300 million Africans lives in abject poverty. These African men and women are weak not clever or smart, it is only those who have sick brains that will be delighted in emptying their nations commonwealth to other countries for keep and boost those well-working economy and only to finally loose such huge funds into those strong economies.

ACDF mission, therefore, in the coming years will be: to identified culture as a measurable level of human consciousness which is the basis for sustainable development. ACDF will sensitize African citizens on the importance of integrity, imperative to human development, advocate for citizens’ voluntary embracing Rule of Law as culture and key to human consciousness. The Foundation will continue to raise awareness on the importance of civic responsibility as a necessary tool to preserve the fundamental human rights. We will achieve this fit through special technological research and education, counselling, economic empowerment for women and other vulnerable groups, quality education for children of adolescent age especially the indigent students. The Foundation will collaborate with governments at all levels, bilateral and multilateral development agencies to provide microfinance to empower citizens, promote self-reliance, educate citizens to embrace good ethics and integrity and to shun corruption which is the root causes of poverty, distress, sickness and crime in our society.
You’re most welcome to join us towards achieving this goals in whichever way you considered it necessary to make Africans more active in the coming years and the continent more promising.

We need a lot of funding to achieve our goals and one of the very many ways to start helping us is to make more people to like ACDF in 2017. Help us to ask at least 10 people to like us, that eventually will increase the chances of voluntary donor to support our mission in the coming years.

Best wishes for a happy 2017 and lots of success in those other years ahead.

For more inquiries please contact us at:;

Otunba Bamidele Ajayi-Smith