Presidential Press Release: My Vision for Africa

A refined leader capable of standing a step or more above the entire citizenry:

When a refined leader emerges from among his people, he will automatically stand a step or more above the people to uplift and develop the entire society. Cultured society will subsequently emerge. A weak or bad leader cannot stand higher than the citizenry but a step or more below them, only to underdeveloped the entire society, promoting impunity, corruption, poverty, insecurity, etc. You cannot naturally push what stands above your height.


A Continent Govern with Rule of Law:

Rule of Law is perceived by weak and inactive citizens as burdensome and the weak often prefer to have it differently. They prefer a government that will look elsewhere when all forms of evils are being practice. These weak ones are wrongly seeing as clever and hard-working individuals, they are more active in the realm of negativity; they may only be sleeping for 3 hours in 24 hours. The truth really is that those citizens who subjected themselves to the working of the rule of law are the active ones; they are the truly clever ones. They help to uplift the entire nation, bringing about healthy and sustainable society. Without rule of law, a nation produces weak and lazy citizens, prone to cutting corners and causing unprecedented disasters in the society.


Quality Education for Citizenry:

A responsible government must see itself as a primary stakeholder to every child, right from the pregnancy until adulthood age when the child will become a full citizen, as a product of the nation. The government must as a matter of duty get fully involved by providing quality healthcare services to cater for the unborn child, provide necessary social services for the child as baby, as child and as teenager, realising that they will be turned to the nation at age 18 as national product which must necessarily be good and excellent. The government must provide free and compulsory education to all these national products and if possible fully free or subsidized University education to promote quality citizenry for the African society.


Promotion of Agriculture and Rural Development:

This continent is endowed with natural resources, it can never be over emphasized the role of agriculture in our nation building. Oil is said to be temporary and beyond that, it has become a “product of conflict” over the years. Agriculture is sustainable and permanent. A responsible government must promote agriculture to the rural setting and become friendly with the forces of Nature who are always delighted seeing man making good culture out of farm land. African countries will strengthen their currency when farm products are produced with adequate value added, making it acceptable to international market. Who says then that Nigerian Naira could not be equal to Dollar sooner than expected? The unemployed slump dwellers can be redirected back to the rural areas for gainful employment and decent jobs.


Quality Housing:

I dream to see a day when a responsible leader will promote Social Housing, discouraging corruption and stealing for the purposing of owning a house or houses. Because of irresponsibility of many governments in Africa, housing sector has become the receiver of corrupt resources in the Continent. Many have so many houses and oppress fellow citizens with cruel rental fees which subsequently increase the urge for other citizens to want to at least steal to own a house. Rent in developed nations is pegged at a month rent with another month rent equivalent as security against infrastructural damages. When housing is regulated in the African society, it will reduce the growing rat race among our citizens, discourage corruption and stealing, and increase dedication to duty and dignity of labour.



Transportation is a service that must be provided for social and economic development. No responsible government should leave his citizens in the hands of cruel transporters who wish to maximise their profit with lots of inhuman treatment to citizens. This often led to every citizen becoming desperate to steal in order to own a personal car or chains of cars. Transportation must be provided as means of moving citizens from one location to another with due consideration to timing and convenience. It is not healthy when a citizen will spend 8 hours for a journey of 2 hours.


Electric Power:

A nation without electricity is like body without soul. A living corpse! It is so dangerous when a government cannot provide regular power supply to its citizenry; it results in unimaginable catastrophes, reducing life expectancy, maternal and child mortality.

At a time like this as it is in Nigeria, where the citizens are privilege to choose one leader from its rank as MANDATE owners. Citizens must become wise to choose one that will meet with minimum standard required by them. One who will create for us a level playing ground to enable every citizen to thrive in accordance with its innate ability and to develop at its own pace. A level playing ground dictates that the laziest citizen should at least be able to have three square meals but without any realisable wealth. The active will become rich moderately over time but not overnight. No reasonable government shall take delight in allowing its citizenry to artificially reach an economic height is unable to sustain. Offer your MANDATE to a deserving leader, Nigerians, it should not be on religion or tribal sentiment, but to the one who could grant all of the above and more, using our resources (not its own) and, giving account for its stewardship at regular intervals.

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